Raining Fire – Bending

New Raining Fire ^^. Had some spare time after class so I rushed this together, had some spare time before class so I gave it a bit of a polish.


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Raining Fire – Boarding

Much like the name surggest, surppose there is always more meaning in there.

So yeah update, sorry it’s been a while, been very busy but im going somewhere with this very soon, found a connecter haha.



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Raining Fire – Breath

Sorry been of track a little latley, been doin a lot of writing so yeah though you might be interested. Probably be back to normal trading again tomorrow but for now, enjoy


Thursday – Common Existence

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Raining Fire – Blank

New update, I know this is very very often but don’t get used to it ’cause I don’t know if I can hold it haha


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Raining Fire Update – Birth

I received some inspiration and decided to add to my Raining fire piece, but I beg of you, please be forgiving while reading. Inspired by music doesn’t necessarily lead to a clean cut piece. My grammar and spelling may be poor, but I hope to come back to it on Sunday afternoon. Just thought I’d give you a taste.



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