I’m coming for you!

These words inspire and strike fear into almost every Team Fortress 2 player. They drive your teammates forward while making your enemies second guessing themselves. And these words may have just gained a little more depth. Just very recently there was an update for many different things but for the heavy it was of sandvich proportion.


The update fixed many problems and small tweaks that the Team Fortress Team had been wanting to make to the game for both balance and playability. One such piece of crucial code that received an update was that of Natascha, the Heavies second lady (unlockable). His newest misuse was granted to him by the Team Fortress gods earlier this year when the Heavy received his update.

Not the Team Fortress team felt the need to ask some of their most frequently asked questions in a blog past they made a little over a week ago:

“Why should I use Natascha? And doesn’t she only do 66% damage, not 75%?”


  • You’re correct; there was a bug that caused her to lose 0.75 damage off each individual bullet she fired. She spits out so many bullets that a tiny amount like that added up to a significant difference. Tomorrow’s update will fix that, and also includes a slight boost to the amount of slowdown she delivers. Our internal playtesters have been finding her much more useful, especially on the large number of Scouts running around with new toys.

So what does this mean for the rest of us? We are now slower, painfully, painfully slower and as for damage. Well. It doesn’t look good here. It might be that little bit smaller, but when you can’t move to cover it’s something of devastation.

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