Need an update here

Sooo Scout update came out here around 20 past 1. Which was kool, very kool. But I knew this was a sad day for the scout. Every server I’ve gone into an hour later has been packed to the rafters with scouts, after visiting a number of servers the only alternative class I found to a scout was a Medic. It also hurts me more to find that already people have unlocked all the unlockables. Basically Why? Why this?

So my clan the Wings of Redemption and our partners in crime TurnAClan hold what is referred to as a prac as often as we can. Generally it’s just an excuse to get as many members from the two clans together for a bit of a muck around. It’s usually a good time. So I’m looking forward especially to tonight’s prac as it will allow me to play Scout we an almost regular team. I’m lookin’ forward to my achievements and unlockable.

I’ve decided that I’ll run a b it of a “thing”. There are quite a few weightless blog’s out there that track (reasonably well) someone’s transformation over these periods. So I’ve decided that I’ll run one for my achievements as a collect them. It’ll include my thoughts on what I’ll do next, my next aim, ideas on weapons and I’m hoping to bring the first post to you tonight after the prac.

Stay true fellas


Need a dispenser here, Need a dispenser here, Need a dispenser here … STFU

(Pictures in the achieve posts :3 (sorry I’ve been lazy))

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Let’s get started

Thought I might run a blog from a gamers perspective ’cause I do a lot of that. And there are probably a lot of blogs out there just like this one so we’ll see how we go haha.


So in General my friends call me TweAK.

I belong to the most epic clan in the world Wings of Redemption or ]|WoR|[  for short.

I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 and in that A LOT of Scout (they don’t call me TweAK for nothin).

So love my music, into your whole emo scene just ’cause it’s good music. And probably my most visited site is, cause they have some of the funniest submissons I’ve probably ever seen.

So yeah first submission, hopefully I can be more entertaining in future, but for now i’ll leave you with this:


Keepin gamin, keep dreamin

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