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Write for yourself and you will please yourself, write for a nation and you will please a polition, write for the world and let your voice be heard

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Nick your Name

Basically everyone who uses the web has an alias; it’s a good safety measure to have. But have you ever wondered about that nickname. Where’d you get it? What does it mean? I know there are some good nick name stories out there, some with real depth.

So what makes a good name? This is probably a question thought about by ever gamer when they choose their tags. So I’ve thought up a few things that have lead to my nickname as TweAK.

Name Tag Update Trial

First the name TweAK applies to who my main class is in my most commonly played game, The Scout, Team Fortress 2. For those of us who haven’t had a lot to do with TF2 let alone the scout let me explain. The Scout is what is referred to as the twitch class of the game. He runs at almost double speed, double jumps, low HP and in general is rather “spazzed out.” So generally you would expect Scouts to be a “buzz” spaced out thing of little thinking and more screaming, shotting and running.

But, the name TweAK was earned through nothing to do with TF2. The person who gave me the nickname probably wouldn’t even know what Team Fortress is. The name TweAK was applied because of my nature IRL. The way I do run around and am a little outside the box.

So how does either of those examples lead to a good nick?

Pick something that applies to either yourself IRL, or in game. It will make a lot more sense. If I had named myself heavenly knight and played scout it would look kool but it wouldn’t say I am a scout, this is what I do.

Second when picking a name it doesn’t have to be fancy if you’re looking for some respect. Stuff like Sword of Justice, and Deathlord9000 sure are kool but they are sort of generic for our generation, for the current generation of games. Also use of numbers in your name should be thought about a lot. ‘Cause it could be the thing that makes or breaks a name.

Also names that are insulting such as insults like Yo mum is ma fat bitch, might get some laughs. But yeah if it’s you go and do it =D but remember what your tryin to say.

Finally, names that assign you a job are something to avoid. Things like Scout Killa are something you have to be careful with. If you’re killed by a scout you’ll look like a dick. 

Tweaks you may like to apply to names:

Using symbols does make the name really stand out, and I suggest it if you find a good one, but be careful ’cause if your name isn’t very readable nobody’s going to take much notice of you.

Having variable caps in your name is also something that can be very kool but as before make sure your name is still very readable.

Clan tags are also something that really unify a group of people and can strike fear and annoyance into your opponents, so feel free to add your clans tag to your name.

So in general simple is better for the name, style is kool but you don’t want to over dress and skill is more important than a good name. I would be much more afraid of Pulse if he’d kill me 10 times then of Scout Killa when I’ve killed him 10 times.

So got an interesting nickname? Something that breaks all these rules but is still awesome? I would love to hear them and any back stories that go with ^^.

Music: Standing Tall
Song: Behind Closed Doors
Artist: Rise Against
Album:  The Sufferer & the Witness

goldfish7812 … HALP

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Arena – Death means more then a respawn

One of my favorite gameplay styles for Team Fortress 2 is known as Arena. This pits two teams that are randomly decided against one another in a death match style map. The definition for death match is ” The goal of a death match game is to kill (or “frag”, from the military term) as many other players as possible until a certain condition or limit is reached, commonly being a frag limit or time limit.” Probably the term Last Man Standing is more suitable due to the fact that you don’t respawn. So in simple terms kill or be killed and don’t die.

Medics are possibly the most useful class for this map type but the person they are healing has to be an excellent medic buddy. Medics may be very useful but are not a necessity by any standard for victory. In general one good player cannot defeat an entire team that is using team work even if the teams total skill level is lower than that of the single opponent. So teamwork and coordination is a must.

Smart grouping is also a rather strong technique, say having a scout harass an enemy while a spy backstabs or a pyro soldier combo for maximum damage.

I’ve found that from a scouts perspective the 150% buff is almost a must and that hit and run is almost an only. Using your speed and manoeuvrability to get in behind enemies or to surprise them by doubling back lets you plug them for extra shots and you can kill almost any class when they don’t see you coming. So if you find yourself behind an enemy don’t start shooting until you are as close as you can get without them noticing or you taking damage, then the cone spread on your scatter gun is more likely to hit. This tactic will allow you to kill almost any class before they understand what’s happening to them (heavy being the exception). Also medics will really prolong your harassment and enemies get cocky when they think you’re almost dead but didn’t see you visit that medic.

I’ve found that when I listen to music it really allows me to think from new perspectives and allows almost a total unlock of my mind. This phrase may sound slightly dicky or stupid especially to those of us who aren’t regular ear junkies but it’s something that I believe to be true. But this euphoria can’t really but specialized to a style of music rather to the taste that the end user prefers. I find that listening to intense rock or metal especially bands like Underoath or Escape the Fate really talk to me someday. Allow my imagination to run wild. But then more rebellious sounds like Rise Against have the same affect just on different days. Music should not be restricted by what you know; I’ve always found the hardest thing to do as a listener is find new bands. So ask your friends, look up your bands genre and then other bands that share that genre (Wikipedia is useful for that) and hopefully you can find a new tune you like no matter your style =D

Finally I’ve added an about page (nothing much) but just yeah I’ll try to add more stuff as we go ^^.
For those interested the main pic is concept art prior to the release of Team Fortress 2. [Link]

Music: Techno – 8bit (Still)
Song: The Road to Newcastle (Gare de Europa)
Artist: Sabrepulse
Album:  Realization

Bang your head till it falls off, Lock and load

Let’s get started

Thought I might run a blog from a gamers perspective ’cause I do a lot of that. And there are probably a lot of blogs out there just like this one so we’ll see how we go haha.


So in General my friends call me TweAK.

I belong to the most epic clan in the world Wings of Redemption or ]|WoR|[  for short.

I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 and in that A LOT of Scout (they don’t call me TweAK for nothin).

So love my music, into your whole emo scene just ’cause it’s good music. And probably my most visited site is http://www.halolz.com, cause they have some of the funniest submissons I’ve probably ever seen.

So yeah first submission, hopefully I can be more entertaining in future, but for now i’ll leave you with this:



Keepin gamin, keep dreamin

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