Can you say Clan?

So as an experienced or new player there is always the problem of who you’re gonna play with. And with this comes what type of Clan you want to join. 

So for those of us who are casual players the best sort of clan is made up of those friends you play with a lot and those who barely ever come online. Usually it’s something with the best and meanest name on the net and really gives you a good laugh and unifies you as a group. Hopefully it is run by one of your friends and you know what is expected or rather what isn’t expected of you. Just remember if you want a group like this it does involve work but is well worth the effort from and Admin POV (Point-of-view)

The second type of the clan is for those of us who are competitive. Who want to be the Kings (and possibly Queens) of Ladders. Who want to laugh in the face of our opponents while a team mate shoots them in the head. Bloodlust, desire. If you’ve got yourself a good captain and are dedicated enough it can be an enjoyable experience. But you just have to be careful about how involved you want to be because these types of clans are like another Job.

The third type of Clan, the one which almost everyone has one of is Supporter Clans. From the funny of the Heavy Sandvich Eating Committee to the activist of Stop the Great Firewall of Australia, they all have the same intention in mind. Mass members, high impact, to get their message across. Usually something that you will occasionally do something for or be part of for the sake of being part of.

Now the fourth type of Clan and possibly the most scary yet fun is for those stuck between the first two types. It could be the admin wants to take what he believes (and could possibly be) the most epic team in the world and show them off to the world. Who wants to be part of the big ladders. But the members didn’t join for that. The other subdivision here is for those who portray themselves as the casual gaming clan but there are a lot of strings attached, be here at a certain time, wear the clan tag, be on this Vent channel and the end of the sentence is usually or else.

With these groups if the admin can take himself seriously enough to challenge other clans but have the humility to not take it seriously it is a very enjoyable experience all around. Getting caught up is the difficult part.

Found yourself in a clan that isn’t quite so casual? Talk to me, come play with my bunch, if your happy, easy going and can laugh at yourself add Whit3Crow to steam and we can talk. No one deserves to have their own clan bent back on them.

So if you are looking at joining a clan, take the time. Play a lot with them; don’t join until you know what there about. If you’re forming a clan have the initial goal in mind and stick to it. If you form a casual clan and want to go pro my advice is form a Pro clan and then add members to that.

There is a clan to suit everybody so do the digging



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