Set the Table, Side Retired, Stealing Home, Triple Play

So I’ve reframed from playing any TF2 today up until now because of the applaing number of scouts and the awful skill level possed by these people. But there is no stopping the envitable. So here is my first post on my achievements. They we’re too easy haha. But scout is what I do best.

set_the_table1 Set the Table: Initiate 10 point captures that ultimately succeed. So this was fairly easliy done, I expect most people could get this one without trying as involves very minimal effor from the scouts end. It was an acheivement that asks you to use one of the Scout’s habits. You should start the cap, wait for the muscle to arrive and then move onto the next cap, this allows for you to get points in behind what used to be the enemy spawn on most maps before they realize whats going on.

side_retired1 Side Retired: Capture the last point in a CP map. Another relavtily easy one for scouts. Easiest achieved on maps like Gravelpit or Granary after quick sucession of points. Be sure you are on the point when it caps as being there most the time or starting the cap doesn’t get you the achieve.

stealing_home1 Stealing Home: Start capping a capture point within a second of it becoming available. Once again if your following the behaviourale effects of the scout this one should be easy. The only problem with getting this one is those engineers who setup early but you don’t have to cap the point merely trip it for the achieve.

triple_play1 Triple Play: Capture three capture points in a row in one life. Now this one is slightly tricker. If your into the more excutive play of friends only then it might be easy but for those of us in random servers it’ll be that little bit harder. Generally work close to your medic, keep risk to a minimum but remeber rushing it will confuse your enemies so quick thinking is best. Once you’ve made up your mind stay to the plan.

My new goals? Just goin for it at this stage. The runnin one looks like a laugh and the jumping one i’ll get anyways (so long as I don’t get the sandman xD)


Anyone keepin track of my heads battered in? Boink!

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Need an update here

Sooo Scout update came out here around 20 past 1. Which was kool, very kool. But I knew this was a sad day for the scout. Every server I’ve gone into an hour later has been packed to the rafters with scouts, after visiting a number of servers the only alternative class I found to a scout was a Medic. It also hurts me more to find that already people have unlocked all the unlockables. Basically Why? Why this?

So my clan the Wings of Redemption and our partners in crime TurnAClan hold what is referred to as a prac as often as we can. Generally it’s just an excuse to get as many members from the two clans together for a bit of a muck around. It’s usually a good time. So I’m looking forward especially to tonight’s prac as it will allow me to play Scout we an almost regular team. I’m lookin’ forward to my achievements and unlockable.

I’ve decided that I’ll run a b it of a “thing”. There are quite a few weightless blog’s out there that track (reasonably well) someone’s transformation over these periods. So I’ve decided that I’ll run one for my achievements as a collect them. It’ll include my thoughts on what I’ll do next, my next aim, ideas on weapons and I’m hoping to bring the first post to you tonight after the prac.

Stay true fellas


Need a dispenser here, Need a dispenser here, Need a dispenser here … STFU

(Pictures in the achieve posts :3 (sorry I’ve been lazy))

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Scout Pack


Scout Pack, 60 mins.

11:30am Queensland time

12:30am New South Wales time

12:00am South Australia time


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Enter the Sandman

the_sandman_only-pngYesterday marked a new era for the race of the Scouts. Yesterday there first unlockable weapon was announced critically titled The Sandman. This new weapon for the scout finally justifies for everyone, one of my personal issues; Scouts on Defence. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how helpful your being, and you could go as far as to be the best on defence but the second that people realize you’re a scout there is an issue. This new weapon stuns enemies by having you hit a baseball at them, the more distance the longer the stun. And I quote from Steam and the TF2 Blog: “The farther the ball flies before ricocheting offa some chucklehead’s skull, the longer he’s gonna be stunned. And guys who think they’re tough because they’re invulnerable? It works on them too.” Something tells me an engineer is going to make new bed buddies real soon. 

So most of you are probably asking (if you didn’t click the links) what’s the downfall? Well it’s an awful long downfall for those who forget about it. No double Jump. Now before you flame rage remember. This is styled as a defensive weapon (doesn’t mean you can’t attack with it (I know I will be)). It balances so now you won’t want to get close; it encourages you to use long hits for longer stuns. Plus you can’t now get into ridiculous positions of close and use the weapon. It’s teaching you to use the weapon as what it was made for.

For those of you who didn’t click the link there is already another part to the update to be thought about but more on that tomorrow


I’m gonna head butt cha, I’m gonna head butt cha, I’m gonna head butt cha


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Throwing out the Jigsaw


So after a bit of a break I’ve picked up TF2 again, must say having a break has made me appreciate the game just that little bit more again. And to say the least I’m glad I haven’t lost my touch. Scout Tip: Never stop moving for ANYTHING. Anti-Scout tip: Watch you’re back even if you’ve just spawned, and just because they’ve run away don’t mean they won’t be back.

So cruised the net for my top scout picture which I found in my files anyway but stumbled upon another birds eye map. At this stage there’s only the one and yes it is 2fort.
2fort – Birdseye

Maps are great, let you really put in perspective, not just game play wise but also IRL (in real life). Always found them relatively easy to read and yeah as I said good perspective.

Time for some music. Mate was cruising the MySpace (which I live in fear of) and found some interesting music. The mixers name is Sabrepulse and he remixes old 8 bit soundtracks. So the likes of your Pokémon, Mario … Nintendo (game boy specifically (usually)). It’s really something for the ears. Try YouTube as well ‘cause there are a lot of fans who post his stuff online.

Finally for any scout fans out there I’m lookin’ for a bit of a challenge so if you fancy yourself a good scout either comment me your Steam ID or add whit3_crow. I’d love to learn where my faults are =D

Music: Techno – 8bit
Song: Hey Kate
Artist: Sabrepulse
Album:  Realization

1 HP ain’t nothin to laugh at for Scouts, Game on

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