Prop Hunt

So while sitting around online, being bored to hell and back my mate linked me possibly one of the most entertaining things I’ve done all year.

The game is called Hide & Seek or more commonly referred to as Prophunt and is some of the most alternate action you can get on TF2. The game is broken down in to two teams (as you’d suspect), one team consists completely of Pyros (it is possible to change but suggested you don’t) and the other an alternate form of the Scout. You have the same hitbox, speed and HP as a scout however you have the character model of a rock. Or a Cactus. Or a Bucket. The list goes on. The team of props has 30 seconds to find a good hiding spot and then the Pyros are unleashed to search furiously for thier discrete foes.

Now some of you mature gamers out there may be thinking, yeah this sounds really kool but I can see a few problems cropping up. This is where the rest of the server mod comes in. First to stop W+M1 Pyros (Running with constant flame) the server has been moded so that as you fire your weapons you loose 3 HP per shot or flame particle. To balance this there is a control point in the middle of the map that restores HP after set intervals. To give props an advantage they have the ability to freeze mid air with M2 (right click). This allows a 3rd person rotational view of yourself to see how you would appear to a passing Pyro and freezes you in place.

The one hard part about this game and seems to only affect those of us in remote places (Australia O.o) is the pings. Once you’ve been deteced by a Pyro it isn’t game over, you can run away, that said, with a ping of over 900 (yes 900) you will find it very hard to escape. Also when using your Flamer as a Pyro you have to be a little more self concious of your HP. There have been a few times where I’ve used my flamer and before my HP bar begins to drop I’m dead.

The best part about this game is anyone  can be good at it, and you can play as almost any prop on any map and win. There have been a number of times where say a cactus on a cactus-less level has won purely off the players ability. I will however have a minor Flame over the Control Point. There is only one control point in the map! Making being the control point, difficult. In defence you are invisile when looked at from below, but obviously this doesn’t always help.

It is also worth going to the forums and DLing the maps before you play. Due to the low prop count on standard TF2 maps they use alot of Arena based community maps. And they are well worked maps.

Well worth checking out, gave me hours of fun yesterday 😀

For servers check the forums 😀 (I can only join the Italy one)


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Where am I again?

Along with new weapons for the scout in the forth coming pack comes two new maps. These maps are now honoured meaning that valve and TF2 developers endorse them as “official maps” and will be added to many server listings. There are two new maps, a CP that is a community favourite and a new styled Arena

ARENA_WATCHTOWER is one of the newest maps realised by valve. It is unique in the aspect that there will be a lot more vertical attack opportunities rather then you standard run and shoot tactics. This will force players to be agile in their attacks while leaving an open field for Soldiers and Snipers. Although released with the scout pack it will probably be one of the more challenging arena maps for scouts due to its rather large open areas, but don’t let this deter you. Maps endorsed by valve are usually very well balanced and have something that every class can exploit. Being a map where agility is key Scouts will be a good favourite for wiping out team strength modifiers like medics and pesky snipers who will be plentiful. This map is also styled much like lumberyard and is a nice change to the usual desert scenery.



CP_JUNCTION the second map that has been endorsed by valve is an old community favourite. A tightly nit CP map that is great for traps and surprises will challenge most players. The tight areas are vastly different to what is regular in most other maps that are quite open. It is styled much like cp_gravelpit as you must capture the first 2 control points before moving onto the final capture points. It will force teams to work together and medic’s ubers and demo’s pipe bombs will be invaluable in making that final push for each point. This map needs little explaining as it is already in community at large. This update has finally made it official.



So it’ll be a good release community wise and an interesting addition to the map lineups.


Oh you just got owned

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Arena – Death means more then a respawn

One of my favorite gameplay styles for Team Fortress 2 is known as Arena. This pits two teams that are randomly decided against one another in a death match style map. The definition for death match is ” The goal of a death match game is to kill (or “frag”, from the military term) as many other players as possible until a certain condition or limit is reached, commonly being a frag limit or time limit.” Probably the term Last Man Standing is more suitable due to the fact that you don’t respawn. So in simple terms kill or be killed and don’t die.

Medics are possibly the most useful class for this map type but the person they are healing has to be an excellent medic buddy. Medics may be very useful but are not a necessity by any standard for victory. In general one good player cannot defeat an entire team that is using team work even if the teams total skill level is lower than that of the single opponent. So teamwork and coordination is a must.

Smart grouping is also a rather strong technique, say having a scout harass an enemy while a spy backstabs or a pyro soldier combo for maximum damage.

I’ve found that from a scouts perspective the 150% buff is almost a must and that hit and run is almost an only. Using your speed and manoeuvrability to get in behind enemies or to surprise them by doubling back lets you plug them for extra shots and you can kill almost any class when they don’t see you coming. So if you find yourself behind an enemy don’t start shooting until you are as close as you can get without them noticing or you taking damage, then the cone spread on your scatter gun is more likely to hit. This tactic will allow you to kill almost any class before they understand what’s happening to them (heavy being the exception). Also medics will really prolong your harassment and enemies get cocky when they think you’re almost dead but didn’t see you visit that medic.

I’ve found that when I listen to music it really allows me to think from new perspectives and allows almost a total unlock of my mind. This phrase may sound slightly dicky or stupid especially to those of us who aren’t regular ear junkies but it’s something that I believe to be true. But this euphoria can’t really but specialized to a style of music rather to the taste that the end user prefers. I find that listening to intense rock or metal especially bands like Underoath or Escape the Fate really talk to me someday. Allow my imagination to run wild. But then more rebellious sounds like Rise Against have the same affect just on different days. Music should not be restricted by what you know; I’ve always found the hardest thing to do as a listener is find new bands. So ask your friends, look up your bands genre and then other bands that share that genre (Wikipedia is useful for that) and hopefully you can find a new tune you like no matter your style =D

Finally I’ve added an about page (nothing much) but just yeah I’ll try to add more stuff as we go ^^.
For those interested the main pic is concept art prior to the release of Team Fortress 2. [Link]

Music: Techno – 8bit (Still)
Song: The Road to Newcastle (Gare de Europa)
Artist: Sabrepulse
Album:  Realization

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