Raining Fire

So this page is the running part or the live part of the Story, basically before the parts are turned into a chapter they are posted his incrementally. If this is your first time reading my work please click to the page Raining Fire – Birth and then come back here.

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It almost hurt to breath, the monitors burnt his eyes. He was crippled…. with fear. Wake up he screamed at himself, and so he walked, marched, towards his captain and towards his nemesis.

“Ah Beau, it has been far too long.” The voice was sharp, sweet as he offered his hand.

Beau took the hand with a firm grasp and as they shook he saw the malice, the hatred and the disregard in his eyes

“Beau, Alex has some rather unnerving news for me” Beau’s captain, the captain of Beau’s home ship the Shadow Moon stated with a small amount of fear in his voice

“Ah yes you remember about our engagement for today, no?” The smile split Alex’s face and Beau’s soul in two.

Alex was tall and at 27 was Beau’s superior in both age and skill. His crew were revered for their skill, there ability and what people saw as compassion. The thought sickened Beau. Compassion? From Alex? His tag was Blind, this referring to his speed in combat and what Beau knew of his disregard. Disregard for life, for a second chance.

“I’m gonna have to say that I don’t.”

“But I have our official match sign up for today, containing your signature and seal.” Alex stated bringing a small document smothered in logos and small print.

“Give me that here” Beau said; he held the anger back from his voice, but the fear he did not.

Beau began scanning the letter as the Captain looked away with grief in his eyes.

Beau reached the bottom where it stated:

‘I Beau Ceeta will participate in an official Humanitarian Alliance and Govern Rank match on the 12/05 at 6pm LPT (Local Planetary Time).

“So as you agreed it will be a full 12 v 12 match with Last Man Standing victory conditions” Alex restated from the form snatching it back from Beau.

“Wait what is this? We … I mean … Wait what’s the time?” Beau said stumbling over his words as he realized the seriousness of the situation, the seriousness he suspected.

“According to my watch it would be 2:46 on the dot, so we’ll be seeing each other in about 3 hours, no? It was a pleasure captain” he said as he turned about-face and walked towards one of the access lifts.

An official match, now!? Ranking for the top Firebird squadrons throughout the universe were derived from small duels held between either the squad or its captains. These matches would change your rank either over time or the amount of victories vs. losses a squadron has. Beau’s squad currently ranked 113 were still lightweights out of 200 active squadron across the universe. Alex however was captain of the 17th ranked squad in the entire universe. Alex, captain of a top 20 crew, of the elite, challenger of Beau, not even ranked in the top 100. It sent a shiver down his spine.

“Where did he get those seals and signatures?” Beau’s captain turned hissing at him. The entire room ran quiet

“I don’t know! I haven’t signed anything! Do you really think I would organize a practise this close to rank match, something as large as this!” Beau spat back in defence.

“Hm well how is the squad looking? Someone bring up the Firebirds hull integrity … Now!”

A large screen in front on Beau and the captain lit up. On it 12 small blueprints reflected Beau’s squad status. Fury’s ship blipped red, the rest shone Orange.

“What is wrong with Fury’s wing!?” the captain breathed lightly

“Um, perhaps I got a little overzealous”

“A little!? What do you mean by that?”

“The wing would be fine, if it still existed…”

The captain breathed out heavily “Go, organize your squad, you have 3 hours and 5 minutes to do what you can” the captain dismissed Beau, mopping his face as he realised how much trouble they were really in.



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  1. Yes! Story time! <3!

    Epic win setting, let’s see if you can follow it up with some plot, hey?

    Although, you badly need an editor or something…I mean “Deep, darkly mist…” DARKLY IS AN ADVERB!


  2. Epic

    whens the next installment coming out??
    We want more!

    Yeoman, No cake for you!

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