The Scout, Is Cleaning Up! 2 At A Time

So I did get slack with updating my Scout Achievements but I might get that up to date now 😀

the_big_hurtThe Big Hurt: Now this achievement has changed since its intial release, It was orginally intended that the Scout stuns 25 Uber’d enemies if I recall. But after an update thanks to those who didn’t have it their way this has been changed (update made me Flame something fierce :D). Many of us going for this achievement or those of us who just use the Sandman would have gotten the achievement upon the update as it was reduced to stun 2 Medics ready to deploy uber.

strike_zoneStrike Zone: This is earned by stunning 25 enemies and while they are stunned, finishing them off 😀 Since the Update, this has gotten easier as the damage reduction during stun has been reduced, I found using the Force-A-Nature to be the most efficient way of doing this.

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Kill Ratio of Infinity?

infinityI am Kotov. Find the meaning and find me. No names I go by are there for the sake of being kool, different or heard of. They are there to achieve meaning.


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Quick press! Ima back, and inspired, sorta, so starting soon, LETS DO THIS 😀


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Closing the books

So it’s been a while, I’ve had a stack of assignments at uni but they’re begining to ease off so from next week I might kick off the Scout line ups. Sorry bout the wait but uni really does eat into your time aye :D.


Excited? I think so.

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Take A Second

Thought I might just post something today in memory of those who have perished or lost loved ones in the current bush fire crisis in Victoria.

For those not up to speed this is bigger then Black Friday or Ash Wednesday and we send our support out both to those fighting or being battered by the flames.

Good Luck.

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