It’s all in the Teamwork

I play A LOT, and in that usually I win A LOT. I am also probably one of the most average players on the market, in a team with skill levels ranging from the elite to the begininers. Yet even up against unrealistic odds we come out on top. So where am I going with this? Not trying to build a reputation but show what makes any team great, teamwork.

When you come together as a group, as a team and work together (see what I did thar?) you multiply what ever skill level you have by 10. A team of 5 can whip out a team of 7 if they pull together. In the same regard the best player in the world would be schooled by 2 people working together.

So now your saying “Alright, working together as a team is win …. How do i do that?”

The first part to understand and what most people find it hard to get past is that the Team is greater than the sum of its parts. This in general means you work for the team, you fight for the team, and in a lot of cases you get fragged for the team (some old school language there).

In saying this you have to pull together, meaning its for the team so work as a team. So you wait for your teammates to catchup, you push together at the same time, and don’t go for the glory. It is better to move as fast as your slowest member because having a team of 5 rocking up at the same time is more frightening then having 5 people rockup incrementally.

This topic is by no means complete but hopefully its a good starter or pointer.



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