beanballl Beanball: Stun a scout with their own ball. Easiest way is to have a scout hit their ball at you, pick it up and slug it back, it doesn’t have to be midair. I achieved this one just by playing, forgot it was even there.

Next achieve I want is Batting the Doctor bwhahah


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I’m Bat Man, Caught Napping

im_bat_man I’m Bat Man: Survive 500 damage in one life. Need a good medic crew for this one. Being Flamed is an easy way to take damage but is also probably the easiest way to die. My surggestion, take on medics, Soldiers at long range, Snipers at close quaters and have a really really good medic on your team. I achieved this one on pl_badwater

caught_napping Caught Napping: Kill 50 enemies from behind with the Force-A-Nature. This one is really straight forward. Generally shooting someone in the side will add to your counter but if you are specifically going for this achieve don’t start shooting someone until your gun is touching there back. Also don’t have the sandman equiped as you will need your manouvreability.

These were fun to get and a nice little morale booster for both me and my team haha.


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Race for the Pennant, Retire the Runner, Scout Milestone 2!, Moon Shot, Triple Steal, Belittled Beleague First Blood, Part 2, Round Tripper, Scout Milestone 3!!!

So i got slack and haven’t been posting my achieves, but I have gotten a ton since last time, a ton thats equal to two unlockables:

race_for_the_pennant Race for the Pennant: Run 25 kilometers. RUN MOTHER! No hints sorry.



retire_the_runner Retire the Runner: Kill a Scout while they are snared by the post-dodge slowdown effect. Stay on defence and be ready for the cocky scout who wants to taunt the enggie with the Bonk! and then as he ditches waste him. Best to go for this achieve now considering the fluctuation of Scouts.

tf_scout_achieve_progress2 Scout Milestone 2: Achieve 16 Achievements. I win x2



moon_shot Moon Shot: Stun an enemy for the maximum possible duration by hitting them with a long-range ball. Most common mistake is people think it has to be a heavy, it doesnt! Go from battlements to battlements as soon as a 2fort map starts as people tend to flood that walkway.

triple_steal Triple Steal: Capture the enemy intelligence 3 times in a single CTF round. If you;ve got a good crew, they might drop it for you, maybe. Or if your no good as scout steal it as your best “stealing” (sorry for child like language) class and then run into your repawn room and swap to scout real quick. Most people will “help” you with this one.

belittled_beleauger Belittled Beleaguer: Kill an opposing player that has your intelligence while holding theirs. Most of this is luck, but remeber if your a scout and they’re a scout what would you do to get home quickly?


first_blood_part_2 First Blood, Part 2: Kill 5 enemies with the First Blood crit buff. Smaller 2v2 3v3 and teamwork make this one a hell of a lot easier. Not sure how non scout players’ll go but teamup!


round_tripper Round Tripper: Capture the enemy intelligence 25 times. Another one of patience, I would surggest not adding to your HUD and remeber ctf_turbine is also a Capture the Flag style map.


tf_scout_achieve_progress3 Scout Milestone 3: Achieve 22 Scout Achievements. Yep this time I really win.



So its been a good run, it’s not over but I do now have all the weapons. They are a new learning curve for me but once I have them sorted I’ll give you my thoughts. So what is everyones favorite achieve BTW?


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Pop Fly, Fall Classic


 Pop Fly: Kill 20 players while double-jumping. If your tryin to avoid takin damage, then this one shouldn’t be too hard for you to achieve. My one hint is if you have the FAN (Force-A-Nature) and isn’t someone who has played or can play a lot of scout stick to the normal scattergun. The pushing effect can be very disorentating so just work out what your good at =D.


 Fall Classic: Cause an environmental death or suicide using the Force-A-Nature’s knockback. Top tip for this one, go to a server running arena_lumberyard. Heckle the enemy and when they go to retrive the HP from the log (hopefully you know about this one) hit em twice with the FAN. Tada



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MILESTONE 1: Closer, No Hitter, The Cycle

closer1 Closer: Destroy 3 teleporter entrances. Just if you can get in behind your enemies on a Goldrush or Gravelpit map there should be what I refer to as a “farm” of the things, one, two, three, easy as pie



 No Hitter: Steal and then capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot. This would have to be one of the harder ones, really you need a good team behind you that’ll back you all the way. Easiest way to find these people is to back them up as well. Save medics from pyros, heavies from spies etc. 

tf_scout_achieve_progress11 Complete 10 Scout Achievements. Basically I win. Force-A-Nature unlock.



the_cycle1The Cycle: In a single life, kill an enemy while you are on the ground, in the air, and in the water. easiest in the air kill is by double jumping, on the ground is standard and a lot of the time you have to knock the opponenet into the water for the underwater kill. 2Fort is probably the easiest map to achieve this on


Thoughts on the new Scout primary tomorrow.

SOON! I swear.

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