Australian Prophunt

Quick update, there is at least one Australian Prophunt Server! Thanks for the tip Yeoman, when I get the IP I’ll pass it on :D. NZ HAVE DONE IT AGAIN :D:D!

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Prop Hunt

So while sitting around online, being bored to hell and back my mate linked me possibly one of the most entertaining things I’ve done all year.

The game is called Hide & Seek or more commonly referred to as Prophunt and is some of the most alternate action you can get on TF2. The game is broken down in to two teams (as you’d suspect), one team consists completely of Pyros (it is possible to change but suggested you don’t) and the other an alternate form of the Scout. You have the same hitbox, speed and HP as a scout however you have the character model of a rock. Or a Cactus. Or a Bucket. The list goes on. The team of props has 30 seconds to find a good hiding spot and then the Pyros are unleashed to search furiously for thier discrete foes.

Now some of you mature gamers out there may be thinking, yeah this sounds really kool but I can see a few problems cropping up. This is where the rest of the server mod comes in. First to stop W+M1 Pyros (Running with constant flame) the server has been moded so that as you fire your weapons you loose 3 HP per shot or flame particle. To balance this there is a control point in the middle of the map that restores HP after set intervals. To give props an advantage they have the ability to freeze mid air with M2 (right click). This allows a 3rd person rotational view of yourself to see how you would appear to a passing Pyro and freezes you in place.

The one hard part about this game and seems to only affect those of us in remote places (Australia O.o) is the pings. Once you’ve been deteced by a Pyro it isn’t game over, you can run away, that said, with a ping of over 900 (yes 900) you will find it very hard to escape. Also when using your Flamer as a Pyro you have to be a little more self concious of your HP. There have been a few times where I’ve used my flamer and before my HP bar begins to drop I’m dead.

The best part about this game is anyone  can be good at it, and you can play as almost any prop on any map and win. There have been a number of times where say a cactus on a cactus-less level has won purely off the players ability. I will however have a minor Flame over the Control Point. There is only one control point in the map! Making being the control point, difficult. In defence you are invisile when looked at from below, but obviously this doesn’t always help.

It is also worth going to the forums and DLing the maps before you play. Due to the low prop count on standard TF2 maps they use alot of Arena based community maps. And they are well worked maps.

Well worth checking out, gave me hours of fun yesterday 😀

For servers check the forums 😀 (I can only join the Italy one)


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Gettin busy again

Cause I promised I’d update chu I will 😀 … I’ve worked out how to do some kool stuff with my TF2 achieves, and yes there are probably some under lying issues but I needed to post something :D. See you guys more over the next few weeks.



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Oh there Gonna have to Glue you back together … In- BONK!

So it’s been a while since  I wrote a quality peice, I forgot why I made this blog really. That was to extend myself as a writer.

So I might kick off again with an easy topic ^^.

So over the next few weeks I’m gonna write a bit of a stratergy guide for the Team Fortress 2 Class The Scout. This will explain methods that I use to take down opponents and really ways to prolong your life as a Scout.

So to start us off:

Scout Vs Demoman






Now the Demoman is often disregarded by Scouts because of his inaccuracy with the Grenade Launcher and Sticky Bombs usually pose minimum threat. This said, this class can be problematic. For starters the Grenade Launcher.

The Grenade launcher is probably the most inaccurate weapon in the whole Red and Blu bases arsenals. Once all 4 shots are used it takes forever to reload and if you can’t hit the opponent on the chest it is really only any good for scarying your opponent. Scouts watch out! If any of these Grenades Hit you and you aren’t at full health YOU WILL DIE. In general though as a Scout you have the most manuoverablity so this gun should be the most in effective against you. The trick is to keep your eye on the Demoman but also any support units he has around him (enggineer, pyro etc) as you can get caught up dodging the Grenades.

The second weapon and probably the most iconic for the Demoman is the Pipe Bomb launcher. This works basically as remote mines. Affectionatly reffered to as stickes these can be placed almost anywhere. A group of 3 of these babies can drop any class if detonated all at the same time. These are commonly a pain in the neck for flag runners. Why? if you drop the intel make sure you check inside the case before you pick it back up because a Black Bloody Cyclopes could be waiting just around the corner for you. Easiest way of sticky removal? Kill the Demoman, once he’s out of the picture those stickes just disappear. Don’t have the time for stickes but still got the Intel? Trick him. He’s only got one eye! Pretend to run at the stickes but at the last moment double jump back, most cases this works. Demo covered the intel in stickies or blocked your path? Time for one of those pretty unlockables. This is where the Bonk! energy drink excels. You will take 0 damage while active. Just make sure you get out of there quick because then you’ll be a prime target for his Grenade Launcher (or the Pyro’s Flamer.) My final tip is they can be shot and when they are they disappear.

The final weapon in this guys arsenal is the Bottle. He is a cheery bloke and enjoys a drink after almost any occasion but this bottle is a real eye opener for the Drunkard. If a Demoman pulls out his bottle DO NOT pull out the bat. One hit from this baby will almost always kill you! If you have the bat out cause the Scattergun has no ammo, reload, if your jumping around you should have the time to get a full clip before he switches back to the Grenade Launchers.

Basically watch out for him. He is dangerous and it is your job to try and clear the way of stickes by killing him!


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Dispensers Erected

Bit of a discussion entry this one.

So I’ve found that now after weeks of waiting TF2 at long last is back to normal. After weeks and weeks of clacking and “Need a Dispencer here” it seems that the balance is now retained. Those chasing the achievements for the weapons are back to thier classes, those trying the scout for the first time have found either a new love or prehaps (hopefully) a little respect for the class, those who played because it was a cheap win have moved on.

It’ll never be normal now with the bat, the sandman. It adds a whole new vector to the game with the stun ability. But. Scouts arent quite so cheap anymore, quite so easy, quite so wasted. Standard weapons measure up again as a good rival for the unlockables.


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