Chopper Gunner

So I might start writing pieces about the ever growing MW2 Community, here is the first:
Spin-polarized Poultry: I dont see what is so great about chopper gunner
]|WoR|[ TweAK: its good in
]|WoR|[ TweAK: objective orientated maps
]|WoR|[ TweAK: cause the chopper will hover over the highest concentration of enemy troops
]|WoR|[ TweAK: making it a fantastic defence weapon for say ctf or sabotage
Spin-polarized Poultry: oooh
Spin-polarized Poultry: I just got it and killed 3 people 😦
]|WoR|[ TweAK: i should really start postin this shit aye?
Spin-polarized Poultry: yerp
]|WoR|[ TweAK: lol
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