Chopper Gunner

So I might start writing pieces about the ever growing MW2 Community, here is the first:
Spin-polarized Poultry: I dont see what is so great about chopper gunner
]|WoR|[ TweAK: its good in
]|WoR|[ TweAK: objective orientated maps
]|WoR|[ TweAK: cause the chopper will hover over the highest concentration of enemy troops
]|WoR|[ TweAK: making it a fantastic defence weapon for say ctf or sabotage
Spin-polarized Poultry: oooh
Spin-polarized Poultry: I just got it and killed 3 people 😦
]|WoR|[ TweAK: i should really start postin this shit aye?
Spin-polarized Poultry: yerp
]|WoR|[ TweAK: lol
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Diamonds Aren’t Forever

So its been a while since I’ve had anything to do with anything that was console related. Console is where I grew up, i especially nurtured in the hands of hand-held consoles. So I’ve decided to pick my DS up again.

I am also a fanatic, a catch em all, they’re my best friend, Pokemon fanatic. To celebrate this I’ve start playing Pokemon Diamond again :D.

The last few weeks I’ve been having trouble finding what to write about, I’ve thought  about the looming Modern Warfare 2 (or as I like to call it COD42). Then there’s the controversy over L4D2 and its alleged banning in Australia. These are both flaming hot topics and have been done to death by every blog spot this side of the internet.

So to be a little diffrent I’m gonna play. And let you guys read about it :D.

So to kick us off I started with Chimchar. Not only for my sun facination with fire but also because he can fling FLAMING POO, as in POO ON FIRE.

So I’ll update as often as I can as I make my way across the region in the attempt to not catch them all, but finish a game with a HORRIBLE storyline 😛



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The Scout, Is Cleaning Up! 2 At A Time

So I did get slack with updating my Scout Achievements but I might get that up to date now 😀

the_big_hurtThe Big Hurt: Now this achievement has changed since its intial release, It was orginally intended that the Scout stuns 25 Uber’d enemies if I recall. But after an update thanks to those who didn’t have it their way this has been changed (update made me Flame something fierce :D). Many of us going for this achievement or those of us who just use the Sandman would have gotten the achievement upon the update as it was reduced to stun 2 Medics ready to deploy uber.

strike_zoneStrike Zone: This is earned by stunning 25 enemies and while they are stunned, finishing them off 😀 Since the Update, this has gotten easier as the damage reduction during stun has been reduced, I found using the Force-A-Nature to be the most efficient way of doing this.

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Australian Prophunt

Quick update, there is at least one Australian Prophunt Server! Thanks for the tip Yeoman, when I get the IP I’ll pass it on :D. NZ HAVE DONE IT AGAIN :D:D!

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Prop Hunt

So while sitting around online, being bored to hell and back my mate linked me possibly one of the most entertaining things I’ve done all year.

The game is called Hide & Seek or more commonly referred to as Prophunt and is some of the most alternate action you can get on TF2. The game is broken down in to two teams (as you’d suspect), one team consists completely of Pyros (it is possible to change but suggested you don’t) and the other an alternate form of the Scout. You have the same hitbox, speed and HP as a scout however you have the character model of a rock. Or a Cactus. Or a Bucket. The list goes on. The team of props has 30 seconds to find a good hiding spot and then the Pyros are unleashed to search furiously for thier discrete foes.

Now some of you mature gamers out there may be thinking, yeah this sounds really kool but I can see a few problems cropping up. This is where the rest of the server mod comes in. First to stop W+M1 Pyros (Running with constant flame) the server has been moded so that as you fire your weapons you loose 3 HP per shot or flame particle. To balance this there is a control point in the middle of the map that restores HP after set intervals. To give props an advantage they have the ability to freeze mid air with M2 (right click). This allows a 3rd person rotational view of yourself to see how you would appear to a passing Pyro and freezes you in place.

The one hard part about this game and seems to only affect those of us in remote places (Australia O.o) is the pings. Once you’ve been deteced by a Pyro it isn’t game over, you can run away, that said, with a ping of over 900 (yes 900) you will find it very hard to escape. Also when using your Flamer as a Pyro you have to be a little more self concious of your HP. There have been a few times where I’ve used my flamer and before my HP bar begins to drop I’m dead.

The best part about this game is anyone  can be good at it, and you can play as almost any prop on any map and win. There have been a number of times where say a cactus on a cactus-less level has won purely off the players ability. I will however have a minor Flame over the Control Point. There is only one control point in the map! Making being the control point, difficult. In defence you are invisile when looked at from below, but obviously this doesn’t always help.

It is also worth going to the forums and DLing the maps before you play. Due to the low prop count on standard TF2 maps they use alot of Arena based community maps. And they are well worked maps.

Well worth checking out, gave me hours of fun yesterday 😀

For servers check the forums 😀 (I can only join the Italy one)


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